Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: The Thinking Student's Guide to College (2010)

The Thinking Student's Guide to College: 75 Tips for Getting a Better Education (2010), by Andrew Roberts, is a practical college guide book that helps students understand ther rigors of academic life and take charge of their own undergraduate experience. It is the kind of valuable resource that I wished was in existence when I entered college nearly a decade ago. Fortunately, I followed most of his advice and chose to follow my passion. After all, college (whether public or private, large research institution or liberal arts college) is the only time in our lives where we can get a personalized education without restrictions and obligations.

Although Roberts is a political science professor at Northwestern University (my alma mater, woo-hoo!), he offers concrete tips on choosing a college, selecting classes, deciding on a major, interacting with faculty, and applying to graduate school. More importantly, he emphasizes why students should engage with faculty and how these relationships can help students achieve their educational aspirations. He also includes text boxes on hot topics

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