Friday, February 12, 2010

Grad Students and LinkedIn Accounts

I finally made the jump and created a LinkedIn account. I'm not sure what effect it will have on my grad school life, but I am beginning to see the benefits. So what is Linkedin?

It is a professional social networking site that enables you to connect with people around the world. It helps you create a profile, make connections, get recommendations, and build a network. It is an online summary of a resume, and colleagues and recruiters can quickly glance your professional background and accomplishments. The mission of LinkedIn is "to help you be more effective in your daily work and open doors to opportunities using the professional relationships you already have." In sum, it demonstrates your ability to connect with people and use technology to your advantage.

Here are some tips to build your own profile effectively. Guy Kawasaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad author) also lists ten ways to enhance the value of your profile.

Graduated recently from college? Currently enrolled in graduate school? Get started now.

I will update more about this feature in the future.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Economy in SE Michigan

The economy in 2010 will continue to worsen as long as people continue to lose their jobs, homes, and unemployment benefits. Michigan has one of the highest unemployment rates and the situation may become dire if help is not on the way. Nonprofit organizations are feeling the pinch as needs (demand) increase but few resources are available (supply). Here are a few articles that describes the situation:

Rising from the wreckage: A story of survival (Freep)
Shrinking budgets to force deep cuts for communities (Freep)
How do we prepare our kids for jobs, future? (Freep)
150,000 at risk of losing their heat (Freep)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Support, the premier online nonprofit job and internship resources, is experiencing financial difficulties. The bad economy has affected their overall earned income. It needs your help to recover during these tough times. Please take this opportunity to donate so that they can continue to serve vital programs and services. Without Idealist, there would be no national graduate school fairs nor a site that provides comprehensive listings on jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities in the nonprofit sector. It would be a HUGE loss for everyone if Idealist closes its doors.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Going to NYC!

It's official. I am going to New York City for spring break!

I am volunteering at a prominent nonprofit organization that strives to expand business opportunities for women. They focus on diversity, leadership, and organizational change. I am excited to return to NYC. This should be an exciting opportunity for me to network with professionals and learn more about careers in specialized information centers. I knew since I began my graduate studies that I will have a non-traditional librarian/social work path. This internship should also relate to my interests in nonprofit management.