Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Social Work Month 2011 Theme

The 2011 theme for Social Work Month is Social Workers Change Futures. There are nearly 640,000 professional social workers in the United States who have dedicated their careers to either helping people transform their lives, or improving environments that make such progress possible.
# Social Workers champion access, equality and fairness.

# Social Workers improve the fabric of society by being advocates for people who need help addressing serious life challenges and exploring their options.

# The Social Work profession was established more than 100 years ago to provide as many people as possible with the tools and support they need to overcome adversity (poverty, illness, addiction, abuse, discrimination, etc.) and reach their full potential.

# The Social Work profession also works to change systems and customs that limit the ability of vulnerable individuals and groups to lead fulfilling and productive lives.
# The nation’s Schools of Social Work promote social work education as a way for socially conscious people to make a significant difference in the world through service and leadership.

# Every day, Social Workers witness the best and worst of human nature. A Social Worker’s success is often defined by the opportunities people enjoy thanks to their intervention.

# Social Workers believe they have a responsibility to effect positive change for the future.

You can find more information, including the toolkit, here.

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