Sunday, March 13, 2011

U-M SSW's 90th Anniversary

Since March is National Social Work Month, I want to highlight the 90th anniversary of the University of Michigan School of Social Work. This is a special moment because the social work program has been ranked among the top three in the past thirty years. Founded in 1921, the School’s total endowment totals over $37 million. The school is also encouraging alumni and current students to participate in community service activities and submit alumni their memories, photos, and video diaries.
The 90th anniversary is an appropriate time to reflect and look ahead as well because it is only 10 years to the School’s 100th Anniversary. We are using this 90th celebration as a way to plan programs which imagine the futures of social work – future students, future faculty, future interventions foci, future methods, future problems.

I feel very excited to take part in this memorable event. In 10 years, the school will celebrate its 100th anniversary. I believe my social work education will make a difference in my ability to help others and promote social justice for all.

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