Sunday, August 15, 2010

Libraries vs. Google

On InsideHigherEd, Barbara Fisher explains how libraries and Google are similar and different. Some people wonder whether Google will take over the role of librarians. I believe this comparison is excellent because it shows how both have different ways in connecting people with information. Click on the link below to read the differences.

Ways libraries are like Google
  • Both have as their mission to organize and make the world's information accessible.
  • Both make it possible to get digital information no matter where you are and even if you're still in your jammies.
  • Both have books, articles, videos, music, images, and other materials from all time periods.
  • Both offer tools to help you focus and narrow a search that most users ignore.
  • Both have blogs.
  • Both experiment with new technologies.
  • Both launch uber-cool technologies that, it turns out, nobody actually wants.
  • Both can be a huge time saver and a huge time waster, often on the very same day.
  • Both have good information and lots of information that is outdated, useless, incorrect, and biased.
Ways libraries are not like Google

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