Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Year in Review: I Like Library Science!

It is still hard to believe my first year in graduate school is over. When I first began my dual-degree program last fall, I did not know what to expect in the School of Information. I did not have much exposure to the different specializations prior to enrollment (besides admiring museums and libraries!). In hindsight, I knew I wanted to connect people, information, and technology in better ways.

Almost a year later, I will pursue the library and information science specialization. I have enjoyed my courses in the specialization. It also relates to social work because it promotes service and outreach. In other words, it brightens my day when I can help someone find information they need. I am constantly browsing library journals, blogs, forums regarding reference, instruction, and much more. Wherever fate takes me, I believe my degree will provide me with flexible and marketable skills.

Furthermore, I have become extremely interested in the study of education among college students and adult learners. Based on my prior assignments, I find this population very exciting to study and may continue my education beyond the master's degree in the future. Overall, I am an education-library science-social work geek!

I found this video that highlights the responsibilities of librarians. Although most librarians work in public and academic settings, some work in special libraries and information centers (corporate, medical, law, etc.).

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