Monday, January 23, 2012

Unemployed in Chicago Line Up for Chance to Work for Ford Motor Company

NSFW: You may want to mute the audio due to profanity spoken in the background.

This is ridiculous. Ford Motor Company announced it is hiring and people are desperate for stable employment. In Chicago, the line literally extends over six blocks as people stood and waited outside in bone-chilling 10'F weather. I post this video because people need to wake up and realize that the REAL America is suffering in this bad economy. For the past five years, the Great Recession has disproportionately affected poor, middle-class, and minority populations. CNN, FOX News, and other local television news stations won't broadcast these stories because powerful elite forces don't want us to know the truth: the high cost of poverty and long-term unemployment on families' well-being. It will take grassroots reporters like this video to spread the word that enough is enough.

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