Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Career Advice from U.S. News

Job searching and interviewing for a new position in this economy is never an easy task. Do you ever wonder how can you ace your next interview? I discovered more valuable career advice articles from U.S. News below:

Meanwhile, Mother Jones recently published this blog post, A Good Job Is Hard to Find. Sadly, the news isn't positive:
A good job is one that pays $37,000 (the median wage for men in 1979), includes at least some health insurance, and some kind of retirement plan. It doesn't have to be generous health coverage or a generous retirement plan. Mediocre health plans with big copays still count, and modest 401(k) retirement plans count. The job just has to include something.
Overall, the number of workers with good jobs has declined from 27% to 24% since 1979.

If you love these tips, then visit the On Careers blog on U.S. News.

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