Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Career Opportunities in Education and Related Services (2006)

Career Opportunities in Education and Related Services - Second Edition (2006), by Susan Echaore-McDavid, provides basic general information about 103 professionals in education (school and non-school settings). Each profile summary includes information about salaries, related job titles, education and training, employment prospects, career advancement, job requirements (including licensure and certification), list of professional associations and unions, and tips for entering the field. It is a big book (300 pages) so you will find every career imaginable. Further resources and appendixes have been thoroughly updated and expanded to better serve students and career changers interested in the field of education.

  1. PreK-12 Teachers
  2. PreK-12 Teaching Specialists
  3. Post-secondary Educators
  4. Overseas Teachers
  5. School Administrators
  6. Higher Education Administrators
  7. Educational Assistants
  8. School Classified Staff
  9. Classified Staff in Higher Education
  10. School Specialists in Student Services and Special Education-Related Services
  11. Counselors
  12. Curriculum and Instructional Developers
  13. Educational and Instructional Technology Specialists
  14. Librarians
  15. Independent Instructors
  16. Health Educators
  17. Fitness, Recreation and Sports Professionals
  18. Environmental Educators and Animal Trainers
  19. Employee Training Specialist (Human Resources)
  20. Appendixes

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