Friday, January 7, 2011

2011: A New Year, Great Expectations

It is officially 2011. My classes and field instruction have resumed. Ann Arbor looks like a winter wonderland. It is snowing outside my window, and the weather is cold. I am looking forward to this year because I am halfway done with my dual-degree program (3 semesters left) and have 11 months left until graduation. I am very excited and will do my best in my studies. Although I have not been posting much, this blog is my pride and joy. In the past 16 months, I have explored my own professional development. My interests have changed but I believe my social work and information science education will aid me in my future endeavors. I hope you find this blog useful for your needs. I enjoy sharing resources related to contemporary social issues, academics and careers.

Are there topics that I have not addressed on this blog?

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