Sunday, April 15, 2012

Freep: Detroit's workforce lacks job skills; it's called a 'huge problem'

This news storyhighlights one reason why I must seek greener pastures elsewhere. The economic situation in Michigan shows little progress.
They're students, retirees, people living on disability and those laid off, too discouraged to look anymore.

Whatever their background, they're among the 1 of every 2 Detroit adults neither holding a job nor looking -- the worst percentage for 2010 among 41 major U.S. cities.

This vast segment -- some 174,000 Detroiters ages 16-64 do not work -- poses a serious challenge for a city on the brink of fiscal ruin.


Most major cities see at least 60% of adults participating in the workforce, either by working jobs or actively applying for them. In several cities -- Seattle, Charlotte, N.C., and Denver, for example -- more than 70% of adult residents are in the labor force.

Detroit's rate is the lowest among big cities: 49.8%.

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