Monday, July 4, 2011

NSW: 14 Ways to Stand Out for New MSW Graduates

In case you haven't noticed, the New Social Worker has an article for new MSW graduates. The author outlines excellent points, and I use them in my job search process. I highly recommend reading.

1. Join, participate, and assume leadership in a professional organization.

2. Network and have social work friends.

3. Start any long-term processes (such as job search, licensure) immediately.

4. Find a mentor.

5. Maintain affiliation with your school or a local school of social work.

6. Consider licensure.

7. Consider different credentials.

8. Remain learned! Engage in continuing education.

9. Be open. Be flexible.

10. Get the best job possible that fits YOUR GOALS AND NEEDS.

11. Identify some role models.

12. Work on your professional speaking and presentation.

13. Social network. Professionalize your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

14. Have a good, well formatted résumé.

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