Thursday, July 7, 2011

NASW: Social Work Researchers Should Educate Public

This is a recent NASW blog piece from a scholar who believes social work researchers should take on a more active role against bigotry and change society. Doing so is part of the service to disenfranchised populations and individuals.
A recent editorial in Social Work Research urges social work researchers to more actively aid resistance to media bias and polemical attacks. Matthew O. Howard cites recent public attacks by Glen Beck on Francis Fox Piven, and the subsequent threats on her life by some of Beck’s listeners. Piven herself analyzed the social situation that gives rise to such irrational demagoguery, and maintains that it results from the difficulty the public have in understanding the complexities of legislative and governmental policies. Piven calls the gap between legislative complexity and public comprehension the “blank space in the democratic process.”

Howard urges social work researchers to help “reduce the blank space” in US democracy.

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