Sunday, June 27, 2010

Future of U.S. Education Looks Bleak

If you have any interest in K-12 education, then I recommend this three-part series based on the book, Education and the Crisis of Public Values, to be published by Peter Lang Publishing Group. Although I am not enrolled in an education graduate program, I have been following the trends closely. Education was an area I studied in my undergraduate days. It is hard to believe that teaching was once a respected profession, but it is slowly eroding as external influences determine how and what children should learn. Sometimes, I wonder what will happen to the future of education in the United States. Right now, it looks very bleak.
Underlying these transformations are a number of forces eager to privatize schools, substitute vocational training for education and reduce teaching and learning to reductive modes of testing and evaluation. - In Defense of Public School Teachers in a Time of Crisis

  • Dumbing Down Teachers: Attacking Colleges of Education in the Name of Reform (Part I)

  • Teachers Without Jobs and Education Without Hope: Beyond Bailouts and the Fetish of the Measurement Trap (Part 2)

  • Chartering Disaster: Why Duncan's Corporate-Based Schools Can't Deliver an Education That Matters (Part 3)

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