Friday, September 21, 2012

Kolb Learning Styles Results: I am a Diverger!

In my higher education course on academic affairs, students filled out a Kolb learning styles quiz based on experiential learning theory. When I finished, my results revealed that I am a Diverger. According to Kolb:
"Divergers have characteristics opposite from convergers. Their greatest strengths lie in creativity and imaginative ability. A person with this learning style excels in the ability to view concrete situations from many perspectives and generate many ideas such as in a "brainstorming" session. Research shows that Divergers are interested in people and tend to be imaginative and emotional. They tend to be interested in the arts and often have humanities or liberal arts backgrounds. Counselors, organizational development specialists, and personnel managers tend to be characterized by this learning style."
According to this description, Divergers like to sit back and reflect on issues that they feel most passionate about. They are imaginative and are good at coming up with ideas and seeing things from different perspectives. Essentially, they are people-oriented brainstormers. Given my background in macro social work, the description does sound like me. I like to read novels, reflect about current issues, and brainstorm solutions to social problems.

If you have taken this quiz, what kind of learning style do you have?

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