Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Freep: 27% of Michigan workers in low-wage jobs

More economic disturbing news has been released from the Michigan League for Human Services on the current job market in Michigan:
New data from the Michigan League for Human Services, a research and advocacy organization, show that 27% of all Michigan workers, or nearly a million people, are stuck in positions where they can barely earn a living.

Of the seven occupations that employ the greatest number of workers in Michigan, five have a median wage that will not bring a family of four out of poverty, according to the MLHS.

These occupations are: retail salespeople, cashiers, food preparation and service workers, waiters and waitresses and janitors and cleaners.

"In the jobs where most people are working in our state ... five of the areas don't support families," said Gilda Jacobs, CEO and president of the MLHS. "That's kind of a red flag."

Meanwhile, I hoped everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We, as social workers and educators, must help support and preserve benefits and working conditions for the middle class.

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