Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: Careers in Sociology - Third Edition (2004)

Are you an undergraduate student wondering what can you do with a sociology degree? Are you a college graduate planning to return to graduate school soon?

Careers in Sociology -- Third Edition (2004), by W. Richard Stephens, Jr., is the latest edition in career books for sociology majors. Most college students (especially underclassmen) take sociology courses because it is often a general distribution requirement. It is also the first time they have come across sociology in their lives. This book answers the frequently-asked question, I find topics interesting, but is there anything I can do if I were to major in sociology?" The author states, "Yes, you can get a job with degree in sociology!"

This book is geared towards undergraduate students and college graduates. Each chapter contains character profiles that document the work and carers of person who chose to pursue a degree in sociology. The character profiles contain a variety of career paths (specifics about the work or career, sociological aspects of the work itself, degree preparation and requirements for employment, information on how the job was acquired, salary and future prospects). Since the character profiles are based on real-life experiences, the person's names are anonymous to protect their identity. It also contains a workbook for job seekers in sociology.

You don't have to become a professor to use your sociology degree. Sociology gives you many transferable skills. I continue to use my sociological knowledge in graduate school. I highly recommend this book to someone who is researching their future career because sociology is a very broad discipline with endless career opportunities. Sample character profiles include:

* Business
* Criminal Justice
* Education
* Evaluation Research
* Government
* Health Care
* International Relations
* Law
* Military
* Social Work
and much more!

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