Monday, March 15, 2010

Review: More Days in the Lives of Social Workers - 35 "Real-Life" Stories of Advocacy, Outreach, and Other Intriguing Roles in Social Work Practice (2005)

Is this social work? This easy-to-read, hard-to-put-down book will make a welcome supplement to the theory found in traditional textbooks. Find out how social work managers and practitioner put theory into practice on a day-to-day basis.

More Days in the Lives of Social Workers: 35 "Real-Life" Stories of Advocacy, Outreach, and Other Intriguing Roles in Social Work Practice, edited by Linda May Grobman. Her series includes first-person narratives from proefssional trained social workers (BSW, MSW, and PhD) in everyday practice. Social work is so flexible that it offers a variety of career pathways. Organizations, websites, and additional readings are available in the appendix section.

I was very satisfied to learn this book focused on macro-level topics such as, research, policymaking, outreach, and program development. One of my favorite quotes from the book focuses on working within nonprofits: "I am gaining experience in project management, media relations, advocacy, fundraising, coalition building, grassroots organizing, community education, pubilc speaking, nonprofit management, and office administration." Organizations, websites, and additional readings are also available in the apprendix section.

I highly recommend this book to all clinical and macro practice social work students and professionals. Macro-practice students would definitely benefit from this invaluable resource. In fact, I will purchae this book for my library collection. The book contains real-life stories about:

  • working on a national level
  • program development and management
  • advocacy and organizing
  • policy from the inside
  • training and consultation
  • research and funding
  • higher education
  • court system
  • faith and spirituality
  • domestic violence
  • therapy and case management
  • employment and hunger

[UPDATE]: The fourth edition has been released in 2012. It includes four new chapters, a new appendix on social media and mobile apps, and features a foreword by Elizabeth J. Clark, executive director of the National Association of Social Workers. There are at least 12 chapters covering macro practice fields in management, higher education, working with communities, and international social work).

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