Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweet Victoriy for Evanston Public Library Branches

From the Library Journal (3/2/2010):

Citizens must come up with funds after six months
Two part-time branches will cost $164,000
BranchLove formed to organize volunteers, fundraising

I am very pleased that the citizens of Evanston were able to save the only two library branches from permanent closure. I have fond memories of the city when I lived there for my undergraduate studies. Although I spent most of my time at the main branch of the Evanston Public Library, I was shocked to learn about budget deficits affecting the city. Libraries serve a wide range of community roles -- preserver of local knowledge, disseminator of information, and promoter of democratic values. This is an excellent example of community mobilization and participation for local institutions! I hope the citizens can raise enough money by the September 1 deadline.

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