Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fall 2009 Reflections

I am officially done with finals! One semester down!

I survived my first semester in graduate school! Yay! This semester flew by quickly, and the workload was quite intensive. I had moments where I thought I couldn't handle the workload. My peers came from diverse educational and geographic backgrounds. We are specializing in different areas (a strong benefit for the school). I took two foundation courses, two specialization electives, and a cognate in another school.

I believe I enhanced my teamwork and critical thinking skills. I also demonstrated my creative (artistic) side in several class presentations. The faculty also encourages students to pursue cognates outside the school; therefore, I plan to take cognates in other professional schools around campus. I had the opportunity to attend a conference and network with other professionals. I plan to attend similar events in the near future.

Happy Holidays everyone! I resume classes next month.

Update (11/23/2011): I am no longer enrolled in the School of Information. However, I will continue to support libraries and digital divide initiatives that connect people with information.

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