Sunday, November 1, 2009

U.S. News: Thinking about Graduate School?

It's that time of year again. Application deadlines are approaching soon. If you feel lost or uncertain about your next step after college, here are a few tips below.

U.S. News has a great article about the top 10 steps to consider when thinking about graduate school. This list is great for undergraduate students, college graduates, and graduate students applying to doctoral programs. Although this advice is more geared towards competitive programs (particularly at the doctoral level), I think it's essential for students interested in social work and library and information studies.

For more information about each step, read the article.

1. Don't fixate too early.

2. Get the tools.

3. Don't overload with one professor.

4. Take the professional-level courses in the department.

5. Try before you buy.

6. Get at least 600s on your GREs.

7. Get three bang-up letters of recommendation.

8. Give a great sample.

9. Write a killer personal statement.

10. Don't romanticize grad school.

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