Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: Ferguson's Careers in Activism (2011)

Ferguson's Careers in Activism (2011) is a comprehensive vocational guide that describes a variety of careers for people who want to make a difference in the world. Opportunities exist in politics and with government agencies, at colleges and universities, in law offices, with nonprofit advocacy organizations and foundations, in court system, in offices, in newsrooms and broadcast studios, in foreign countries, and other work settings. The book warms that those with experience and advanced educational training will have the best opportunities in this field.

Each profile focuses on a specific career related to activism. The book is divided into 12 sections: Overview (recommended school subjects, personal skills, and minimum educational requirements); Quick Facts (brief introduction of the industry); History (the history of the job as it relates to the overall development of its industry); Job (primary and secondary duties of the job); Requirements (high school and post-secondary education, certification and licensing, and other training); Exploring (suggestions on how to gain experience in and knowledge of the job); Employers (typical places of employment for the job); Starting Out (best ways to land that first job); Advancement (type of career path to expect from the job); Earnings (salary ranges and typical fringe benefits); Work Environment (typical surroundings and conditions of employment); and Outlook (summary of job in terms of the general economy and industry projections).

It covers the following 20 jobs: animal activists, college professors, community organizers, directors of volunteers, elder law attorneys, environmental activists, federal and state officials, foundation workers, grant administrators, grant coordinators and writers, health advocates, human rights activists, human services workers, lobbyists, photojournalists, public interest lawyers, research assistants, victim advocates, and writers. Overall, this is a good guide for recent graduates and career changers who don't know what careers exist in society. Given its small size (194 pages), it is easy to read and packed with important information to help you get started in the field of activism.

"Activists are committed individuals who seek to correct injustices by educating the public, taking direct action, and urging government officials to act."

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