Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christine Hassler: 20-Somethings and Career Advice

The Huffington Post ran a special article on career development for Generation Y college graduates. The author, Christine Hassler, states that we must become more realistic with our present circumstances:
Let me be clear that my intention is not to blame or point fingers at 20-somethings or their parents. Everyone has been doing the best they could based on their own experiences. And I truly think parents believed what they were telling their children (or at the very least wanted to believe it). But now with two-thirds of graduating seniors moving home and 16 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds unemployed (nearly double the national average) according to the MacArthur Research Network, it seems like the message about becoming independent in our 20's got lost in translation somewhere.

Hassler encourages 20-somethings to become more financially savvy and independent. They cannot wait for their dream job to come or continue to live off their parents' income. She wants 20-somethings to feel empowered and accomplished with their lives.

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