Thursday, October 8, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Librarian

I found this website that lists the top ten reasons to become a librarian. This is a good introduction for those who are undecided about their post-college career options. I am spreading the word about a career in library and information science because there are too many misconceptions about the field (macro social work also suffers this same identity crisis as well!). An ALA-accredited degree is very flexible because there are a wide range of specializations (public, academic, corporate, nonprofit, government, freelance, etc.). Click here to read a longer description about each point listed below.

1. You Have a Passion for Organization

2.You Never Want to Stop Learning

3. You Enjoy the Silence

4. It’s a Profession With Range

5. It Goes So Well With Your Flawless Sense of Style

6. Your Co-Workers Are Probably Just as Cool as You

7. You Want to Learn Skills You Can Use

8. You’re Into Books on the Company Dime

9. You Enjoy Getting Time Off

10. You Want a Job with Security

The librarian of the 21st century should be comfortable working with metadata and technology tools (e.g., web 2.0, web design, etc.). The librarian should also enjoy helping people find information in more valuable ways.

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