Friday, August 14, 2015

Featured Reference Books about Macro Social Work

As students prepare for a new academic year, I have provided a list of featured books about macro social work. I hope that this list is useful to prospective students, current students, and practitioners in the field. If I am missing a reference, please post a comment. I will add the book after further review. 

General Reference

Community Organization and Human Services Management

Policy Practice

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Shante Johnson said...

I am excited to find this blog. I am going into my second year of my MSW program. My concentration is social change, so I am more policy/administration focused. I chose this path because I want to start a non-profit that provides tangible resources for the homeless population. I also want to start an education focused after-school program. This year, I am extra excited to begin my concentration year. I am also a little anxious about life after graduate school. I rarely find any blogs or groups that have a focus for macro social workers. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to prepare for after graduate school. Thank you so much.