Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Study for the Social Work Licensing Exam

Do you need to study for the ASWB social work licensing exams? In most states, MSW graduates take the Master's exam after graduation. In Michigan, MSW graduates only have to take two exams: Clinical and Advanced Generalist exams (passing score: 75%). The Social Work License Map contains more details about the social work licensing process and approved scope of practice in Michigan.

Since I concentrated in macro social work (i.e., management, community and policy practice), I am eligible to take the Advanced Generalist exam under the guidelines for Michigan social work licensure. However, it has a low passing rate (48.4%, as of 2011!) so I will have to study very effectively to pass on the first time. In my opinion, although it has been revised to reflect current practice, I still believe ASWB did not add enough macro and administrative content on the Advanced Generalist exam.

Do you suffer from test anxiety? Do you need exam advice? Ammu Kowolik, who works for the NASW-NYC chapter, wrote this excellent article on how she passed the social work licensing exam.

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