Friday, May 4, 2012

Sign the Petition: Stop selling credit reports to employers

I have heard horrific stories that some companies refuse to hire employees with large student loan debt on their credit reports. This college graduate, who earned a permanent accounting position by her own merit, was later reneged the job offer because the company discovered she owed too much in student loans (!?!). She had proven herself a stellar worker on the job for six months, but a golden opportunity disappeared because she took out student loans to finance her education. Here are the details of the petition:
However, just a few weeks after starting in my new positon the company fired me because my debt-to-credit ratio was too high. I later learned that 60% of employers now check credit reports, which typically include student debts. How are you supposed to pay off your student debts if you can’t get (or keep) a job BECAUSE of your debts? And what do my student debts have to do with my ability to do a job well anyway?

I know some viewers are wondering, "What's with all the petitions?" I care deeply about social and economic justice issues, and I believe credit reports should not penalize college graduates on the amount of student loans they borrow. Why is society punishing college graduates when the same social forces told us a college education is a good investment?? This type of policy prevents people from establishing their careers and eventually repaying their student loans! The EEOC recently established new rules on criminal background checks to prevent hiring bias and discrimination against low-income and minority job seekers. Please support this cause and tell states to pass similar legislation that will ban this anti-poor hiring practice.

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