Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's Your Dream Career? Ambassador

So, I took the "What Your Dream Career" Quiz and the final results were Ambassador. Since I recently earned my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, the answer does not surprise me. I have a natural passion for helping people and achieving social justice for all.

Sales representative? No way. Chemical engineer? Not you. With a big heart and a natural knack for smooth-talking, there's no doubt that you could go head-to-head with Angelina Jolie for best humanitarian. Whether you're smoothing over a fight between feuding friends or solving the stickiest of situations, you somehow manage to keep even-keeled under the heaviest of pressures. That's why the perfect job for you would be making sure that people all over the world are happy, healthy, and safe.

And while there may be a lot of competition on the international stage, this world could still use all the caretakers it can get. So make sure to take your heart wherever you go! Believe it — no matter where you work, your coworkers will be glad you're there.

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